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 The spring breeze

The spring breeze is blowing, the weather is getting warmer, and the warmth and the glare of the sun are looking at me with ridiculous eyes. I can no longer tell you to wear more when you are out, you can��t tell you when you walk. I will freeze my hands when I play with my mobile phone. In fact, I always want to share interesting things with you every day, but I don��t know what tone to use now, and I will use my language to entangle with you. After so many days of chilling. I have said that I have missed you for so many years Newport Cigarettes. Maybe it is because we have almost no face-to-face conversations. Even if I pay attention to you in these years, my understanding of you is one-sided. I don't know what books you like to read, what you like to do, or what you say is delicious. Sometimes you really feel ridiculous. Even if I am humble, I have countless fantasies. You are walking together, but I still don't know what life you want, I am there to say what I care about you. Fortunately, I have determined your birthday time. This is me. After the biggest chip, I have reason to say with you happy, speaking, I feel that I may have to go back to the original time, continue to be a lonely traveler, walking on the long time, I am sad, I The mood is always affected by the helplessness of the secular, the yin time is too much, the yang is less, I don��t know how to release it, I can only express my heart in this way, maybe in the eyes of others, I am showing off, Contrived, but who knows the sadness of my heart? Although everything is so unsatisfactory, I will still guard, stick to my obsession, and walk until time is eternal. I believe that even if it is day to day, every day is blurred, there will always be a moment when you flash in your mind. This is enough to support me to go on. If the two feelings are long, and they are squatting in the dynasty, I will always miss you spreading a piece of paper, researching ink and writing, and writing a blue pen. Jiangshan is so beautiful, attracting countless heroes to win the waist, the evening wind is light, the sea waves are slightly stunned, the moonlight cool shadow floats around the clouds, and the moonlight cages are cold. Ink and ink, and sketched a piece of prosperous, suddenly, black clouds pressed the city, looked up and looked at the end of the world, the showers rushed. The rain in the North Sea came and came, and the eyes of the North Sea had been smashed Marlboro Gold, and the scenery of Cangshan was so picturesque that the wind and rain were blurred and the city was fascinated. The cold window is half-closed, re-investigating ink, rethinking the pen, trying to paint the mid-water scene, the silver beach shore, the green trees Newport 100S, and the fullness. The sound of the water is far and near, the fishing boat is slap on the high building, the lights are bright, the temperature is as good as the beginning, and the people can return to the south, the wind is slow, the age is dynasty Carton Of Cigarettes, the geese fly back, the deep forest insects, the clear moon, the mangroves, This kind of hot and cool, is enough to let me write a smoky wave, splashing ink and dyeing a room book, perhaps there is no branch, no leaf, no way to do, and I like it, nothing to do with the world. Two thousand years, it seems stunned, Dongpo Pavilion, Wenchang Tower, Kuixing Building, a few smattering of the shadows, the endless history, buried deep in this, the sea of ??sand, the dust settled, cover a Pazhou, happy Viewing mountains and rivers, empty forests and sorrows, flying birds and snorkeling, listening to a tsunami, such as sound clear, this journey of mountains and rivers, through the red dust Cheap Cigarettes, drifting in the wind, proud of the world, engraved with mottled old marks, bluestone walls, past Hey, the horse is in the city, the lock is one, the book is not finished, the smoke is dark, the ink is dry, the thoughts are over, and a pot of Yu Yun is brewed.

ylq, 23.05.2019 03:45
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