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Chiefs’ Andy Reid roundup: Pat Antworten

rick Mahomes Darwin Thompson Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys , Sammy Watkins and defensive woes Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid took the podium Monday afternoon following his team’s 42-37 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.Let’s round up the big takeaways from Reid.Reid is not concerned that the national notoriety will go to Patrick Mahomes’ head.Patrick Mahomes had an outstanding game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, going 23 for 28 for 326 yards and six touchdowns, capturing the attention of the nation.Mahomes may have turned only 23 on Monday, but Reid isn’t worried about how his quarterback will deal with the success.“I think just the fact that he’s grown up around this type of thing with his dad,” Reid said of Mahomes, whose dad was a major league pitcher. “He’s been in that locker room, you see the pictures with Alex Rodriguez and that, so I don’t think any of that phases him. He understands that you’ve got to show up. I’m not as concerned about that as much as him becoming a better player, working on that. “He’s focused and he’s always here, a bit of a gym rat type of guy. I mean, he grew up around it so you’ve got to kick him out of here and go home and get some rest. He handles it pretty well. I think he’ll continue to do that, that part I think he’ll continue to do Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys 2019 , I’m projecting, but I feel pretty good about that.”One of the things that has stood out was just how good Mahomes has been with just three regular-season games under his belt.Denny Medley-USA TODAY SportsAs he’s done in the past, Reid pointed to Alex Smith as a reason for the ease of Mahomes’ transition to Chiefs starter.“I will come back to last year and being in that room with Alex, having that opportunity to see how he worked,” Reid said. “That’s invaluable. Alex was not one who was going to hide anything or play games with him or anything like that. He kept it all out in the open and was secure enough, that wasn’t a problem.”Reid also mentioned members of his coaching staff that helped Mahomes along when he was a rookie.“Eric Bieniemy is probably another dimension to it for him for protection and the toughness it takes to play that position in this league,” Reid said. “(Quarterbacks coach) Mike Kafka has played the position in the offense, so he knows and is another good guy to spend hours with. Mike (Kafka) was his personal coach last year. He did everything with him, now he is his coach in this spot. Nagy was working with Alex. Mike was working heavy with Patrick. He came into a good situation with Alex and I said that was priceless for him. There’s no way he could repay Alex with having that experience. That was phenomenal.”For the first time in the preseason or regular season, Sammy Watkins looked like the player the Chiefs were expecting when they signed him as a free agent.Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY SportsWatkins had six receptions for 100 yards in the win; Reid was not surprised.“It was just a matter of time,” Reid said. “That’s going to happen. We have a lot of guys out there so the quarterback is spreading it around. Somewhere, he’s going to be the one that’s open and not have as many people on him. That was the case Darwin Thompson Jersey nfl draft , he took advantage of it. “You saw how physical he is, I mentioned that when we first got him, it’s hard to press cover him because he’s a strong kid. Then you see him with the ball in his hands after the catch and he’s pretty good with that. He’s strong there too, he’s a physical player.”There is no denying the Chiefs left something to be desired on defense on Sunday.The Chiefs defense blew a 21-point lead during the first half.“Defensively, there was a maturation that took place there, we just started off slow, actually we started off fast and then we went through a slow period there,” Reid said. “Then the second half I thought was beautiful. There were some real good things that took place there. But again, we have plenty of room. We have got to get better at tackling, we’ve got to get rid of the penalties, both sides of the ball and do a better job.”The Chiefs defense played a large number of snaps for the second week in a row, and Reid was asked if there was anything the offense could do to ease the pressure on the defense.“We tried to do that in the second half Replica Darwin Thompson Jersey ,” Reid said. “One of the real positives, and I give credit to the guys, the players, for this. That second half, our guys did not get weaker on defense. They had 54 snaps in the first half and then the second half they came out and I thought we were strong through the second half. Coverage was tighter. We did a couple more things up front with some things and were able to get some pressure on him. “Again, too many penalties. But still there were some good things that took place and I was impressed by that. Especially with the number of snaps. That is a concern, number of snaps. Offensively, we kind of spread things out and did some things there. We were able to sustain drives a little bit better.” The methodology of the annual Football Outsiders list has been tweaked with salary and contract considerations, but the Chiefs are still set up for success in the coming years" Kansas City Chiefs NewsChiefs ranked near the top of NFL teams in talent under 25New,19commentsThe methodology of the annual Football Outsiders list has been tweaked with salary and contract considerations, but the Chiefs are still set up for success in the coming yearsCDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:Chiefs ranked near the top of NFL teams in talent under 25TwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailPhoto by Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesOver the years, football analytics site Football Outsiders has compiled an annual ranking of NFL teams based on the talent of their players under the age of 25.It’s always been a useful tool to predict which teams could be the most successful in future seasons.More recently Stitched Darwin Thompson Jersey , it’s also been a good predictor for short-term success — especially when teams have managed to acquire a quality quarterback in the draft and have the ability to improve the rest of their roster while the quarterback is on their rookie contract.For 2019, Football Outsiders has made some modifications to its ranking methodology, factoring in the cost and length of the contracts given to each team’s young players.So teams with youthful, productive players still on their rookie contracts will tend to rise in the rankings, while teams that have already extended the contracts of those players (or will soon be doing so) will tend to fall.This year’s list was published this week in an ESPN In$ider article written by Scott Spratt.The Kansas City Chiefs are ranked third — behind the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts — and above the Houston Texans and New York Giants.Other notable rankings from the list include the Los Angeles Chargers (ninth this year — up from 13th in 2018), Oakland Raiders (14th from 19th), Denver Broncos (23rd from 29th), New England Patriots (31st from 32nd), Los Angeles Rams (24th from 1st) and New Orleans Saints (22nd from 3rd).<hr class="p-entry-hr" id="f6Mn4g">Spratt noted that last year, the Rams were at the top of the list and made it all the way to the Super Bowl. “Perhaps,” he said, “this year’s top team can follow suit with a similar formula.”I’m not (yet) convinced either the Browns or the Colts are yet ready to make that step Darwin Thompson Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys , but their presence at the top of the list does make it clear they will be teams to watch in the seasons to come.The adjustments Football Outsiders made to their methodology are most starkly reflected in the steep drop the Rams and Saints took from last season.Both of these teams — particularly the Rams — were widely viewed as teams that were making “win now” moves in 2018.It almost worked for both teams. Now, however, they have to face the consequences of their actions.But the Chiefs — despite making big moves for veteran players in free agency — remained near the top of the list.To me, this suggests that general manager Brett Veach is being very wise about how he is using the team’s resources to acquire talent to succeed in both the short and long term.There are those who argue the Chiefs are (or should be) in “win now” mode.But I think this list — with its revised methodology — is evidence the Chiefs are doing no such thing; they’re still keeping their eye on the long term.Like their fans, they want short-term success — but they’re not willing to sacrifice their long term goals in order to get it.Whether you believe the Patriots dynasty is the result of Bill Belichick’s coaching genius or Tom Brady’s talent — or both — one thing is clear: they showed that even in the age of the salary cap, it is still possible to build a team that can be successful for a very long time.The Chiefs are on a road that could do just that.

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