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Performance Solutions From Bosch Appliances. Increasing the Washing Capacity Without Effecting the E Home Repair Articles | August 9 Lucas Duda Jersey , 2008
Every time Bosch design new appliances, they make the most economic use of natural resources and minimise pollution of the air, sea and water. Bosch are constantly developing new ways to reduce energy usage while maintaining performance and efficiency Billy Hamilton Jersey , helping conserve the planet as well as saving you money in lower running costs.

The new SoftSurge? drum system for better cleaning results - asymmetric paddles and 'rain-drop' drum surface provides power for heavy-duty jobs, while being gentle on your clothes. The advanced Water Flow system distributes water and detergents more efficiently through the Wash, reducing soaking time. The new door design guides your laundry towards the centre of the drum Alex Gordon Jersey , avoiding snagging of small items. This is a first for Bosch washing machines

Main features include:

Sensitive programme - excellent for allergy sufferers

Aqua Plus option for best rinsing results

Wash Plus system for A-class wash performance

Freshen Up programme

Delicates Silk programme

Handwash programme for wool

15 'Clothes Care' programmes

Safeguard monitoring system adjusts load distribution and programme settings to protect clothes

Cold fill with Performance Enhance to assist with stain removal

Very quiet noise level

Cold fill - saves energy by heating only what it needs

Extra large drum up to 8kg

Super Quick 15 for light loads (2kg) packs a wash, two rinse cycles and improved rinse spinning into only 15 minutes

Power Wash 60 programme gives an A-class perfomance wash within 60 minutes (5kg loads)

LED display with programme status by icon

Express Wash system with up to 40% faster programme times

Time delay 1-24 hours

Pause option to open door early in the programme to add or remove washing

Mixed load programme

Reduced ironing - reduces creasing for easier ironing

Extra large porthole door with 180° opening makes laoding and unloading exceptionally easy

Clear text and symbols on the fascia to ensure ease of use

Sensor electronics monitor and adjust for optimised wash performance, which means you get a great wash every time

Perfect-rinse detergent drawer - Bosch jet-inlet sprays in every corner of the specially shaped detergent drawer thoroughly rinse away detergent - so no more sludgy residue in the drawer

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