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26.10.2019 04:22
.. with a grateful heart. It's th Antworten

La la la, la la la..." I sang a song and walked home. When I walked to the vending machine, I was shocked: the glass door of the vending machine was broken. I thought: maybe It was a thief. He broke the glass door and reached into it to steal things. But it was also possible that the college student playing tennis next time accidentally knocked the tennis ball out of the way, broke the glass door, and the food inside might be sold automatically. The people of the freighter who took the vending machine really have no quality I am really anxious and angry. We just went to the "Protection of Public Goods" class. Are they even worse than the primary school students? Now, say "thank you" There are fewer and fewer people, and more indifference and onlookers are replaced. Isn��t the word "thank you" not to be exported? One thing that touches me a lot. When we go back to the classroom, Li Jinzhang was the first to pick up the plastic curtain, which made it easy for us to enter the teaching building. When I walked over, I said to him: "Thank you. One of the classmates immediately retorted: "Do you thank him for doing it?" He just wants to express himself. "I said: "No matter what he wants to do, because he helped me, so I will say thank you. "This little thing can't help but cause my contemplation. They, learn to be grateful, learn to say thank you. Learn to be grateful, thank your parents, thank them for giving you life; thank your teacher, thank you for the knowledge he has given you; thanks Family Marlboro Gold, thank you for the love they have given you. I remember a poem saying, "I often thank God for giving me a sincere heart. I thank God, thank you, thank you for the existence of life, thank you for the sunshine, thank you. Colorful life. In the morning, when the cheerful bird wakes me up from my sleep Newport Cigarettes, I push open the window, look at the blue sky, the green grass, the crystal clear dew, the clear morning, I am grateful and give me a wonderful day. . At night, the sky in the night is starry, I am poetry, I use the pen of my heart to paint the feeling of life in the day, the moonlight shows a gentle smile, surrounded by the warmth of the night, I am full of gratitude, thank the earth for giving me gratitude, Grateful life, thanks to the network, grateful friends, grateful to nature, every day, I am grateful... with a grateful heart. It's that simple, but it's enough to be earth-moving; it's as simple as it is, but it touches the deepest heartstrings. He asked us to look at this warm world with kind eyes, let us perceive the world with a kind heart, let us return the world with gratitude. Thank you for knowing how to return, you know how to reward. I hope everyone in the world has a grateful embarrassment. Now everyone in the society has it: good people, honest people, and people who have no quality... If it is you, you Will it ruin the vending machine? Classmates, do you hate those who destroy public facilities? I hate him.
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