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01.11.2019 04:28
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Easy adult acne caused by physical Cheap Kenny Moore Jersey , and daily life are closely related, double-check these 10 projects, set goals to improve the physical expulsion of acne.

1. Many people often touch things at once, all of a sudden touch the face of small problems, this is a very bad habit, because something in the dirt on the contaminated hands, will not pay attention until the contamination in the face of skin, causing bacteria to breed, and produce acne, so avoid unnecessary contact with the hands and face, and forehead before the bangs can easily irritate the skin Cheap Anthony Walker Jersey , should try to comb it up.

2. Often face contact with items such as blankets, sheets, pillows, face towels, etc., should alwaysnb be kept clean, the best way to keep clean, is always clean, and exposure to sun, because ultraviolet light to kill bacteria the effect of making the bacteria can not grow, so please develop thoroughly sheets Cheap Skai Moore Jersey , quilt habit, even after washing out the sun.

3 I believe cakes, desserts, etc. This type of food, many people can not resist, but like to eat sweets a day and can not eat two cakes made, this is a factor in causing acne, because more sugar The number of snack cakes and carbohydrates most likely to cause acne, in addition, peanuts and other nuts also eat sparingly, the beauty of boys and girls who had to turn away from these foods Lo!

4. To develop the habit of daily exercise Cheap Denico Autry Jersey , moderate exercise can promote the metabolism, the body and skin are good results, but do not five minutes of heat, to persevere, keep in mind that even 3 minutes a day in gymnastics, but also to maintain the beautiful skin tips.

5. Eat vegetables is a good way to prevent acne, because the carrot, vegetables with wave resistance of bacteria can enhance the effectiveness, and green peppers, broccoli, there are anti- bacterial effect Cheap Chester Rogers Jersey , in addition, a balanced diet, contributing to physical health, of course, can reduce the incidence of acne, we must not eclipse oh.

6 Some fast food, snacks likely to cause constipation, especially those who like late night, midnight snack is not only bad for the stomach, but will also cause constipation, and constipation is one of the causes of acne Cheap J'Marcus Webb Jersey , less late night, eat plenty of natural foods free of artificial additives, such as fruits and vegetables contain plant fiber and cheese, etc., is an indispensable factor in the prevention of acne.

7 people often have trouble mental stress can cause strong secretion of sebum, acne is one of the reasons, should do more things to their mood, work or school every day to lift the pressure on.

8 often staying up there for great harm to the skin, acne if you do not want to, regardless of work or homework no matter how busy, no later than it should go to bed at 11 o’clock. You know Cheap Joe Haeg Jersey , the skin’s metabolism is usually 11 pm to 2:00 am when, a good enough sleep, allowing the skin by improving maintenance.

9. Do not over wash your face every day, wash the skin is beautiful though basic, but one day sooner or later, when two or wash dirty sweat enough, if excessive cleaning, protective oils on the skin will be completely washed to go, causing the skin is too dry, great for skin damage, we should never overlook.

10 Recently Cheap Jordan Wilkins Jersey , the UV rays become a hot topic, the beauty of the women in order to prevent ultraviolet light, while the foundation is very thick coating, which is the wrong approach, you should use a sunscreen prevent the ultraviolet UV Foundation, and I remember before going to bed be sure to thoroughly remover, otherwise the oil will be plugged pores, acne prone, of course, the morning rush of water must not only wash your face even, dirty skin Cheap Ryan Kelly Jersey , make-up after the most vulnerable to damage the skin.

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