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07.11.2019 02:58
In the twinkling of Antworten

In the twinkling of an eye, the seventh grade disappeared, and we have embarked on the eighth grade hall. "Time is like an arrow, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle." Two months of summer vacation, looking around, fleeting. In a blink of an eye, when I started school, my mood will always affect many people! Some people worry that the game equipment will expire; some people miss their family. It��s just autumn. "It is September Wholesale Cigarettes, the order is three autumns", it is a cool season, the leaves are yellow and faded, and the teacher has changed. Teacher Xu is a new language teacher. She is of medium height, not fat or thin, and her skin is dark and dark. Teacher Pan is a new math teacher and handsome in sunshine. Looking downstairs, new students and parents have already become popular. The atmosphere of school tension is also followed. There is no environmental difference between the emergence of the campus and the usual! Start school! Looking at it, the tree is still green, and the sky is still blue. But people are changing. Unchanging, existing, still appearing in my mind, I don't know how to express it. I can only sigh with sorrow, even if reading is boring, but there is still happiness. The flowers on the coffee table gradually stretched, and the burden on our shoulders was getting heavier and heavier. Can not hide, can only face. Just like a drop of wine can't return to the original grapes, we can't return to the young. Starting school means a new beginning, free to think about the unknown, and understand the mystery of learning. Roaming the book sea to start doing yourself, change the habits in life, and improve their achievements. Let yourself do your best and always rush ahead of others. Time is like an hourglass, it won't stay in place waiting for me. So I decided to start studying seriously and don't miss a bit. New grades, new atmosphere; new teachers, new ones; new beginnings, new changes. Silently telling myself: Come on, I saw that Mom and Dad are so far away, leaving me in this strange world. I am like a mouse with a shrinking head, hiding in the dark and dull sewers, reaching out to touch the side, and not seeing that there is a future that I can look forward to. A few months ago, I was still the apple of my father and mother. Hold in your hand, afraid of falling; in your mouth, afraid of it! A few months later, I stood in the court and looked at the two people in front of me Cheap Cigarettes. I was already bursting into tears. They, my parents, raised my father and mother from a young age. Nowadays, the other side is regarded as an enemy standing on both sides, just like the people standing on the poles of the earth Cigarettes For Sale, one is more indifferent to me, their daughter, their daughter who has worked hard to raise. Now they are reluctant to raise one by one. I want to say, what am wrong with me? Am I guilty of a great crime? I have to punish me like this. I look at the two of them. I am squinting at each other one by one. I really want to end it all, but I don��t know what method to solve. Is this all true? It��s not true, it��s not true. Everyone must be acting. Countless guesses come out of their heads, but I can��t deceive my heart. "You don't argue, I don't want to follow anyone! Since you don't want me, then I don't even have to be tired, let's do it!" Just when they were arguing, this sentence didn't even have a brain. Just came out! Maybe, this is my heart. It��s dawn, my dreams are over. The feeling of falling from heaven to hell is really good. I didn��t care about my father��s love at all. I really thought that their love is It��s inexhaustible, but now I really saved my only residual love, and blocked it in my mind. Only the mother is good in the world, and the mother��s child is like a treasure, no mother. The child is like a grass... Probably I am a cold and cool grass now! With the wind blowing around, I can't find a home that I can love.
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