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22.04.2019 04:57
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From my many years of being a competitive distance runner (heel-striking my way to a 2:28 marathon at the age of 23 in 1980Nike Air Max 2017 Femme ) and my 26 years of being a sports podiatrist, I find this fascination that many now have of looking solely at how a runner’s foot hits the ground at the instant of foot strike, without considering the multitude of other biomechanical, physiological and psychological factors that go into Adidas ZX 700 Femme improving running performance and decreasing the injury rate to be analogous of “not being able to see the forest for the trees”.
Even though I have been instructing many of my runner-patients to not over stride over the past quarter century of treating runners’ injuries, and I think we agree on this, I feel it is mistake to coach runners to try to make major alterations in their foot striking pattern. I believe we simply don’t have sufficient information, at this point in time, to know how and why the central nervous system “decides to choose”Nike Air Max 2017 Dames a certain foot striking pattern during various running speeds and in various shoe constructions. Factors such as the ability to dorsiflex the ankle with the knee extended, which I have clearly seen to be a factor in how a runner chooses to footstrike during running in the thousands of Nike Air Max 97 Femme runners I have examined, is never mentioned in these discussions. I believe that the metabolic work required to dorsiflex the ankle sufficiently during the latter forward recovery phase of running is a very significant factor in why the central nervous systems of some runners choose to heel-strike and why the central nervous systems of other runners choose to midfoot or forefoot strike during running.Therefore, I urge caution to all who make broad, sweeping statements about what is the “best way to footstrike” during running since, as far as the Nike Free Run 3.0 Mujer scientific research is concerned, and my clinical experience in treating thousands of running injuries is concerned, it seems to be something that is going to require much more research and clinical investigation before we can fully understand the complex processes which go into the foot Nike Air Vapormax Dames striking patterns and how these processes affect the injury rate of the bipedal human runner.There is plenty of evidence in races of all distances, including the race that Pete’s has videos of here, the % of none heel strikes is higher the nearer the front of the field you get. You do still get top classed elite athletes who heel strike at long distance events, but none as far as I know for the sprint events. Clearly the sprint events are dominated by power and forefoot landing is critical. In the long distance events where metobolical efficiency is far more important than maximum power there is still far from the an even distribution of footstrike through the field – this suggests to me that it’s very likely that there is still an advantage with a forefoot or mid-foot strike, but it’s far less significant than differences Nike Air Max 90 Womensseen in sprint events.If there weren’t this advantage why on earth would there be a disproprotionate number of non heel strikers at the front of races? Should we believe that non heel strikers somehow try harder in training and races? Or are non heel strikers just genetically more lucky than heel strikers?
“In fact, forward dynamics computer modelling research by Joe Hamill’s group at UMass from 2009 showed that the most energy efficient running form was heel-striking (15.9 W/kg) compared to midfoot striking (16.9 W/kg), a 6.3% difference in metabolic efficiency for the 4.0 m/sec (6:42 mile pace) steady state running velocity chosen by the researchers (Miller RH, Russell, EM, Gruber AH, Hamill J. Foot-strike pattern selection to minimize muscle energy expenditure during running: a computer simulation study. Proc Am Soc Biomech Nike Air Vapormax WomensConference. State College, PA, 2009).”Quoting what is clearly falty research only undermines you argument. The 6.3% defict is obviously totally out of wack with reality, are we too believe that all those successfull elite non heel strikers are better than 6.3% in other areas of there make up that than compensate for this deficit?? Even with just doing a personally experiment of one – if this research was even close to being correct going from a heel strike to a non heel strike gait will result in an obvious increase in load on the body – observarable by an increased breathing and heart-rate. I for sure have never observered such a change in altering heart-rate on my monitor when experimenting with gait.

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