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28.04.2019 04:49
tried the non-invasive ad way firs Antworten

I think of it like this – every time we go to a restaurant, we pay for our dinner and we tip the server. We give the server more if we Nike Air Max 270 Mujer think the service was good. However, in the on-line world people so often expect frequently used services to be free, and they balk at any though of tipping those who provide the services that they use. I, for one, would be first in line to pony up and chip in some cash to support a site like dailymile that I use every day. Same goes for Twitter. Facebook would require a bit of thought….Anyway, my point here is that maybe it’s time we recognize the hard work of those who don’t ask for any recognition for what they do, and stop complaining when a site that we use daily decides Nike Blazer Womens to add a paid option like dailymile has (especially when it will remain free in its current form). I may have a biased opinion here as I do have some sense of how much effort it takes to keep a website running. However, if Ben and Kelly’s track record is any Nike Air Max 90 Femme indication, good things are ahead for dailymile, and I will continue to be there to support them.So, given that statement and the fact that team members such as yourself were given the PRO upgrade for FREE, will you be ponying up your $50 per year in the form of a donation?
I also like the deal like you have with Running Warehouse. I recently bought a pair of shoes after reading one of your reviews. I went to a local running specialty shop to buy them. I needed to be able to try on multiple pairs, walk and run around in them, see if my Superfeet inserts might be a possibility Nike Air Max 90 Womens in them, etc. I bought the shoes there are the running store, but came home and bought a second pair, via your link, from Running Warehouse. Once I knew that I needed a size 11 in that particular shoe I was able to buy online with confidence. I was able to get the shoe in the color I really wanted (Black is always my first choice) and for 25% less than I had paid at the brick and mortar store (It’s actually in a brick building, so that’s appropriate).They helped me a lot at the store, and I was able to support the store by buying there. Your blog is helping me a lot, so I’m glad to be able to help out by buying through your link. It will make me feel a bit less guilty about asking a million stupid questions!Personally, my resistance to the idea ISN’T that dm needs help (in the form of money). I volunteered on the team last year Adidas ZX 750 Hombre because I, like you, like dailymile. I just disapprove of the idea of creating a tiered system for different levels of user experience. If Ben and Kelly need money for the site, then a Paypal donation button would have been a better idea. Hell, I already donated my time, I’d happily donate some money. Sure, the average donation would almost certainly be less than the suggested $50/yr, but I suspect that MANY MANY more people would “pony up”. Then ALL MEMBERS could benefit from the site’s improvements, not just the PRO members. The reason why dm is so great is because of the people and the users. When you start dividing up the users into two groups, it is antithetical to the very democratic nature of of the questions was something along the lines of 3 things you’d like to see on dailymile. What it looks like to me is the Adidas Superstar Mujer most responses will get added onto the PRO version. So, basically, they got free ideas and then will turn around and ask for money to use features. I’m kind of indifferent toward it — dailymile does just fine in a free version, but I think they should focus on the bugs of that free version before going PRO. For example, click on “read more” on a long post and you’ve jumped to that person’s profile. Click back and you’ve lost complete track of where you were. In my opinion, I think they should have tried the non-invasive ad way first to generate revenue. You do a fine job of it on your site. I’ve touted dailymile FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE many, many times on Twitter, my blog, my Facebook pages (personal and “fan”) and now I’ll be asked to pay Nike Air VaporMax Mens for some additional features? That rubs me the wrong way. I’ve driven a lot of people to that site, many that I personally know.

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