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20.06.2019 05:58
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In reading scientific studies of running biomechanics I see this often – a study will demonstrate a pattern, such as that a particular shoe design reduces ground impact loading rate (how rapidly the foot impacts the ground), but when you look at the variation among subjects it falls out over a fairly wide range. In other words, the results are non-systematic, and the individual gets swamped by the general trend. However, that doesn’t mean that the outlying individual who does not exhibit reduced impact loading rate in the shoe, or Nike Air Max 95 Donne who might even exhibit increased loading rate, is unimportant. Individuals that don’t follow the general trend don’t want to get hurt either and would not benefit from following the advice suggested by the data – this is why scientists are often bad at making concrete statements, and why I always hesitate to do so on this blog. We tend to hedge and qualify statements by saying that our data “suggest” a given pattern, or that a “significant effect” was found. We rarely “prove” anything. I’m not saying this is bad, it’s just reality.As a scientist I believe strongly in the value of controlled experimentation, Adidas ZX 700 Dames but I also believe that we need to constantly keep in mind its limitations. Neglect of the individual in Nike Air Max 90 Femme favor of the overall trend is one of them. Humans are variable, we are not machines, and we shouldn’t be treated like them. Nike Air Max 90 Donne Science can be a very useful guide, but rarely does it provide absolute, definitive answers. It’s very hard to know in a black-and-white way what the effect of any shoe design, form change, or training method will be for any given person. This is the reason why scientifically informed, yet careful and open minded self-experimentation is perhaps ultimately the only thing that can truly work on an individual level.As you noted the problem and challenge for all of us as Sheehan-esque ”experiments-of-one’ is to draw valid conclusions as to what works and what doesn’t as since we only very rarely modify Nike Air Presto Femme just one variable (e.g. the heel-to-toe drop of our running shoe) while not simultaneously varying others (e.g. our Nike Air Max 2017 Donne weekly mileage, our training intensity/amount of speed work, etc.). Consequently, after observing a step change in our Nike Air Max 90 Mujer performance, or conversely suffering an injury, it’s tempting but very difficult to separate from the likely causes which was the most probable in having had the greatest impact. While your process is absolutely correct via making inferences only after referencing your own training diaries, even with that resource it’s still very difficult to draw a firm conclusion when multiple variables are at play. Consequently, even recognizing the inherent variabilities it would be very interesting to see some scientifically controlled studies looking, for example, at large populations of runners to establish Nike Air Max 97 Mujer whether, for example, a high heel-to-toe drop “typical” training shoe leads to a greater than expected injury frequency Adidas Superstar Uomo or a slower average pace than a control group of a comparable population of runners with “minimalist” shoes providing a very low heel-to-toe drop.Excellent post Pete. I like how you are convincing people that scientific experimentation is never “clean” and that despite what we would like to believe, there’s hardly ever going to be one shoe or one method of running that’s going to work for everyone. Even for one single individual, the body changes over time so what works at one time might not be so good a year or two years or five years down the line. In scientific studies, we are always just looking at averages and percentiles and nothing is ever 100%, so how can we know we have the “truth” about anything…much Nike Air Max Thea Femme less advocate it for others. We can only dispense advice that will “more likely work”. That is often the best we can Nike Air Max 2017 Mujer do.That’s why for shoes, i advocate for shoe rotation. As for your specific examples of Kinvaras, Fasttwitch and Grid A4 Racers, I am and have been running in all three and have personally found that only the Kinvaras hold up in the longer distance races. I use the last two only for 5K-10K distance races.

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