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A steward runs after a fan who got into the pitch after the World Cup quarterfinal soccer match between Brazil and Colombia at the Arena Castelao in Fortaleza , Brazil, July 4, 2014. [PhotoIC] Belgium's Kevin De Bruyne restrains a pitch invader during their 2014 World Cup round of 16 game against the US at the Fonte Nova arena in Salvador, July 1, 2014. [PhotoAgencies] Germany's Thomas Mueller (L) shakes hands with a pitch invader during their 2014 World Cup Group G soccer match against the US at the Pernambuco arena in Recife Cheap Adidas NMD Mens , June 26, 2014. [PhotoAgencies] A security guard fails to stop a fan who invaded the pitch wearing an Argentine jersey, top, as Argentina's Lionel Messi, center Cheap Adidas NMD Womens , and other players look on at the end of a training session at Independencia Stadium in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, June 11, 2014. [PhotoIC] Italy's national soccer team player Leonardo Bonucci (C) takes off his jersey to give to a boy who invaded the pitch during a training session at the Maria Lamas Farache-Frasqueirao stadium in Natal, June 21 Cheap Adidas NMD XR4 , 2014. [PhotoAgencies] A pitch invader is escorted away by Ghana's Mohammed Rabiu (R) as teammate Harrison Afful watches during their 2014 World Cup Group G soccer match against Germany at the Castelao arena in Fortaleza, June 21, 2014. [PhotoAgencies] Two security guards bump into each other as they try to catch a pitch invader during a training session of the French national football team in Ribeirao Preto, June 21, 2014. [PhotoIC] Cote d'Ivoire's Serge Aurier runs towards a big ball that invaded the pitch during the 2014 World Cup Group C soccer match between Colombia and Cote d'Ivoire at the Brasilia national stadium in Brasilia Cheap Adidas NMD XR1 , June 19, 2014. [PhotoAgencies]
Pitch invasions are not common at World Cup games as security is tight with stewards strategically placed. But some fans will do almost anything to get up close and personal with their heroes, slipping through the cordon and making a darting run before inevitably getting caught.

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