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13.07.2019 08:30
The night was a li Antworten

The night was a little deeper, and the city with a slight coolness was gently covered with a dark dark coat. In such a night, I feel like I am used to being a person. When I sit quietly by the window, I will be very happy when I walk around in my thoughts. As always, the time has quietly flowed from the fingers, repeating the main theme of it, without accompaniment or noise. Looking out at the blue sky outside the window, it is so vast and empty that it seems to reach out to the cloud at the top of the mountain, but it seems so far away from the glass window, the breath is a cool but fresh air. . Although there is some depression in winter, it always gives people a feeling of hearty and clean. Every winter, I feel like I have never passed through the winter. Maybe everyone who is afraid of the cold will have such an illusion. So when the coolness slowly increases from the gaps in the seasons, I will be busy preparing for some cold things, so I should be like me last year. The change of the four seasons is like a circle in my understanding, a circle burned on a disk, there are many similar seasons, similar places, similar characters, and we walk in these circles. Inside, then hide the past in the footprints of the back. In this way, a quiet day, a year... Perhaps at some point, suddenly after a casual insult, I found that I have already gone through a lot of places, leaving a lot of footprints. It��s just that at some point, because of this discovery, there are some fears, and I��m afraid that time will grow old. I��m afraid that everything will be too late to look back. As for the state of life, I have been thinking about it so far. What kind of definition should life be given to be perfect? I have been unable to find an answer Marlboro Red. Some days ago, I heard a point of view but it seems to give an answer to this question. He said: "Travel is an experience." This chic point of view for travel is the first time I heard it. The simple words are enough to heal the uneasiness of the years. Life is like a trip, and where is the meaning of travel? Perhaps it is the travel itself Marlboro Gold. From a macroscopic point of view, the river of a life that is always in the sky is so insignificant, so its realization can only be based on its body Cigarettes For Sale. Travel is an experience, and life is just a patchwork of this experience. It is hoped that the long life will eventually be gathered, but the roads that have passed, or the things that have been experienced, are especially important to themselves, and that all things that are chic are affectionate, but the years are ruthless. Except for the fact that it is always in the face of the old people, it is not when the death of a life, it will not show any strange, not sad or even mournful, of course, not even happy. It is like an old man who has seen through the time, you can't find a half jump in its blood. It is quiet and peaceful like the flowing water. From small to large, counting has gone through twenty years in this world. I have a little time to remember, so there should be fourteen five years of memory. During this period, I have experienced several occasions of death and death Online Cigarettes. On such occasions, I will feel that I am immersed in a sorrow, and then drifting there, and even the light of the whole world becomes dim. Yes, in fact, everyone will lose their loved ones after all, after all, there is a deep and shallow involvement in the heart. But later, I will find that time has not become stagnant because of someone��s departure. Life has not left the track because of someone��s departure. All are still in operation, and the biggest impact will only affect. The status of a certain part of a certain period of time, nothing more. If you think about it like this, life is as small as dust, and if it is true. Later, the meaning of life in oneself can only be counted from the footprints that have passed, but not everyone can do this, because not all people can live awake, or when life falls. Comprehend. In fact, there are many times when I would like to know what people are pursuing. Why do they always have the next one after reaching the previous desire? I remember an old man talking to us about such a thing. He said that when he was young, he thought that it would be a happy thing to have a good family. If he had all this, he found that there is no color in this life, it is always in compliance. The ground is running, everything is just step by step. So he began to try the life of travel again, but after the trip he found out why he was always in a changing situation, all the way in the bumps, less of a certain quiet he wanted. In this way, he has been changing the state of life, knowing that he is now seventy years old. The old people love to use a sentence to describe their state of ruin, that is, "the soil has been buried in the neck." This sentence is very appropriate but it is very artificial, but it gives birth to a fear of the passage of time. Later, the old man said to me that such a sentence impressed me - "Life is actually like a dream, and this dream is the result of countless attempts, countless times of experience, and then understand. No one in this world has forever. Heshan, no one has the ancient times. But everyone has their own brush. Life is a trip, the meaning of life lies in experience...
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