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will never see the hooks, but the tiger��s long, big thorns are exposed. Demonstrate to the fish? Such a big shot throws two swaying fake fish with big hooks. It��s scary fishing or fishing. Going west, I feel the waves are getting bigger, but the wind is not big, maybe just like People said that there was no wind and waves at sea. The daughter who saw it was also worried. I took me down to the cockpit and asked the captain. I didn��t wait for the opening and found Johann��s eyebrows piled up with a wave of waves. Johann explained It��s going to cool down the day after tomorrow, so today��s wave will be big. I can��t understand this explanation, and I don��t know what it��s related to cooling and waves. I��m just worried, can such a big wave catch fish? Johann said, we The fishery to go to takes about two hours, where the waves are not big, fishing Salmon season has passed, and now you can catch big fish usually between 2 lbs to 40 lbs, mainly fishing grouper and cod. But today's wave is indeed a bit big, Johann said he will do his best to drive the boat to the fishery. interest Newport 100S. Seen from the front windshield of the cockpit, it is almost against the surface of the sea. The waves are a slap in the air, and the dinghy is followed by a flea. Just as the dinghy once again jumped to the wave, I suddenly saw that a row of tall waves appeared in front of a kilometer or so. It was pressing over to us. The white wall of the wave was connected to the sea and it was rolling. Fierce, the striker squatted on the big reef with a lighthouse on the right front. Suddenly, the wave of water screamed and rolled over a white lighthouse dozens of meters above the water. The lighthouse had been flashing whistle. At the moment when the waves were covered, nothing disappeared, only the huge waves that covered the sky. My daughter's hand didn't know when she had clasped my arm tightly. I obviously felt the power of her fingertips. Tiger also apparently found the row of huge waves, stopped busy, and stared at the front. Only the American girl would not care about the other, taking advantage of the boat railings, and occasionally licking something in the stomach in the sea. It was too late, and at that time, when I felt that the boat was about to collide with the big wave wall, Johann decisively turned the rudder to the left, and the boat quickly swept a large arc to the left and turned 180 degrees. The wave wall fell behind us, and the rushing rush of our boat pushed the boat into the air. For a moment, I felt that my eyes seemed to be flush with the Golden Gate Bridge. Really a little scared, such a big wave, Xinhan Johann turned around, otherwise this old and old boat can be helped by the big waves of the skull, and now the old captain is in my heart more than the captain of the aircraft carrier. The great regret is that our ship is really moving back and driving towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Near the Golden Gate Bridge, the waves were obviously weakened. Johann got out of the cabin and the hair was bent with a hook full of white hair, which would be a roll of spray in my eyes. Johann's face was tired and sorry to say a bunch. My daughter��s translator told me that the captain said that the wave today is too big and is expected to increase Wholesale Cigarettes. We must have gone to the original fishery. There are now two choices, one is to return to Hong Kong, the other is to take us to the Golden Gate Bridge to fish, but the captain said that there is no guarantee that there will be fish caught today, even if fishing will not have big fish. The daughter did not wait for me to say to Johann, just go to the Golden Gate Bridge and have a look. Knowing the father Mo, how many years of sea fishing, how can this be so disappointing, and then it is a commemorative thing to fish under the Golden Gate Bridge. The poor American girl was still on the railing. From time to time, she sprinkled yellow water in the sea. So she still headed for us to the captain. I reached out and made an OK. I suddenly remembered that my daughter was seasick. Why didn��t I move today? Was it the front to look at the scene, and then was scared by the big waves? The daughter saw my doubts and squeezed a face at me. "Reassured, I am taking medicine!" At this moment, the sky is already bright. In fact, the daughter's face is somewhat white in the sun, and it is not good to take medicine. It is really difficult for the child. . Speaking of our boat, we approached the Golden Gate Bridge and soon reached the bridge. The big guy of the steel was really on the top of the head. The rock connecting the bridge was a bare cliff Cheap Cigarettes. It was a little red when it looked far away. The bridge body is rust red in the near future. The first pier is only ten meters away from the mountain. The concrete base of the pier is also painted with rust red. A hundred meters away from the pier, there is a building that looks like a hydrological building. It is built on a large reef facing the sea. The shape of the cornice and the ridge seems to have a shadow of the Chinese Huizhou architecture. The roof is rust red, originally a gray wall, now mottled like a graffiti. There are mountains blocking the wind, and the waves here are obviously smaller. The rumbling sound of the bridge-faced car and the slamming of the waves hitting the pier make you feel real, you are under this Golden Gate Bridge with too many stories. In fact, this is also very good. While enjoying the Golden Gate Bridge, while squatting on the dinghy, it is very pleasant. I think it should be possible to hook it, but the old captain still has no point, saying that we are now on the south bank of the Golden Gate Bridge. The north shore bridge is also bigger and bigger Marlboro Red. He has to try his luck. So Johann rushed to the north shore of the San Francisco Strait with a small boat. However, the more the northward wave is opened, the wind is also big, and the big waves that are rolled up are blown by the wind, and the sea is bursting with waves of rain. Without waiting for the North Shore, Johann could only give up and turned back to the South Bank. In fact, I am really happy about this. I used to drive across the San Francisco Strait from the bridge. Today I crossed the San Francisco Strait from the sea and visited the Golden Gate Bridge from the sea. Sometimes the distortion is a difficult thing to say from east to west, from the west to the east, and from south to north and north. We finally stopped the boat in front of the mountain in the southeast corner of the south bank of the Golden Gate Bridge. After all, there is a wide mountain block. Although the ship is still swaying, it is quite calm compared to the previous one. Johann walked out of the cabin and shouted "OK, Iwishyouallgoodluck" (good luck to everyone). Tiger quickly distributed the fishing rod to the hands of our unstoppable fishermen. The American girl who had just vomited and fainted Cigarettes For Sale, really served her, and she would squat on the boat's mysterious railing to catch the fish like nothing. It turns out that fishing on this sea is too simple. Although it is the kind of hook, it doesn't have to be awkward. The hand was loose, and the large lead squid quickly sank into the sea with a hook. The water here was about ten meters deep. Then, you only need to mention your fishing rod from time to time, let the fake bait shake in the water from time to time, the rest is luck. However, fishing on such a swaying boat is not an easy task. After the engine stops, the boat is shaking very irregularly. You must lean your body against the fence and adjust the body center with the shaking of the waves. I found the balance and stood firm. I put the hook down and shake it up, then let go, and experienced the feeling of the hand. The lead slammed the hook to the bottom of the sea, and the fishing line crossed the thumb.
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