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Here’s all the information you need to keep Antworten

up with the 2019 NFL Draft."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Keep Sounding PodcastPanthers 2019 NFL DraftCSR Film RoomAll the information you need to follow along with the 2019 NFL Draft as it happens liveNew Christian McCaffrey Jersey 2019 ,4commentsHere’s all the information you need to keep up with the 2019 NFL Draft.EDTShareTweetShareShareAll the information you need to follow along with the 2019 NFL Draft as it happens liveThe 2019 NFL Draft is finally here, and the Panthers have hopefully done their homework and will be adding some future stars to their roster over the next three days. The draft will last three days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and you can watch it live on ESPN, ABC and NFL Network. A Spanish broadcast will also be available on ESPN Deportes.The festivities will officially kick off at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday night live from Nashville, Tenn. Carolina Panthers 2019 NFL Draft picksDay 1: No. 16Day 2: No. 47, No. 77, No. 100*Day 3: No. 115, No. 154, No. 187 * - compensatory pickBelow you will find the information you need to watch the draft in its entirety Jordan Scarlett Carolina Panthers Jersey , along with some intel on when the Panthers are expected to be on the clock. Disclaimer: These times are nothing more than educated guesses and you should not use them to determine when you tune into the draft if seeing the Panthers’ pick announced on television is your only source of happiness this weekend. Cat Scratch Reader is not responsible if you miss seeing the Panthers’ picks announced on television.Day 1 — Round 1Date: Thursday, April 25Time: 8 p.m. ETPlace: Nashville, Tenn.TV: ABC, ESPN, ESPN Deportes, NFL NetworkStream: NFL Watch, NFL Draft trackerTeams will have 10 minutes to make their selections in this round. Since the Panthers have the No. 16 pick, that’s a maximum of 160 minutes (2 hours, 40 minutes) until they’re on the clock. Assuming the draft takes a few minutes to start (like it always does) to be safe you should add 5-10 minutes to that estimate. The latest the Panthers would be on the clock — assuming they keep the No. 16 pick — would be approximately 10:45 p.m. ET. Most teams don’t take the entirety of their allotted 10 minutes, and there’s always the chance that Carolina trades up or down Jordan Scarlett Jersey , so if you want to see the announcement of Carolina’s pick you should probably just tune in to the whole thing on Day 1.Day 2 — Rounds 2-3Date: Friday, April 26Time: 7 p.m. ETPlace: Nashville, Tenn.TV: ABC, ESPN/ESPN 2, ESPN Deportes, NFL NetworkStream: NFL Watch, NFL Draft trackerTeams will have seven minutes to make their selections in these rounds. The Panthers will have three picks on Day 2 unless they make a trade. Day 2 starts an hour earlier than Day 1, so if every team takes all seven minutes to make their selection and the Panthers keep the No. 47 pick, they will be on the clock at approximately 8:35 p.m. ET. However, since teams have almost an entire day to decide who they want to take in the second round and don’t usually take up their entire seven minutes of allotted time Jordan Scarlett Carolina Panthers Jersey , the Panthers should be on the clock with their second round pick at approximately 8 p.m. ET.The Panthers have two third round selections (including their compensatory pick). There’s a possibility that these picks are traded, but if they’re not traded the Panthers will likely be making their first choice in the third round around 10 p.m. ET. Full disclosure: I did not do the math for this estimate because that takes too much work. Former Panthers linebacker Jon Beason will announce the Panthers’ selection in the second round, and former Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson will announce the Panthers’ two selections in the third round.Day 3 — Rounds 4-7Date: Saturday, April 27Time: 12 p.m. ETPlace: Nashville, Tenn.TV: ABC, ESPN, ESPN Deportes, NFL NetworkStream: NFL Watch, NFL Draft trackerThe Panthers have three selections on Day 3, assuming no trades are made. Their first choice will occur early in the afternoon since teams only have five minutes on the clock. Day 3 of the draft starts at noon and the Panthers have the No. 13 pick in the fourth round Blue Jordan Scarlett Jersey , so their first pick on Day 3 should occur sometime around 12:50 p.m. ET. The fifth-seventh round picks are a total crapshoot and I honestly cannot estimate when they will be made. One thing I know for certain, though: the television analysts will be busy talking about the kicker that was drafted by either the Patriots, Packers, Eagles or Cowboys whenever the Panthers make their selection, and we won’t know who that selection was until they stop blathering and realize that the pick was made. Your best bet is to check Twitter and/or Cat Scratch Reader for updates on the last few rounds.There you have it, folks! Now you’re primed and ready to follow along with the 2019 NFL Draft. Also, be sure to check CSR for updates and analysis on all of the Panthers’ draft picks. We’ll have you covered with any information you could possibly need. The Cowboys gave their playoff hopes a big boost by beating the Saints on Thursday night. And they boosted the Rams as well.The Rams have leapfrogged the Saints and moved into the top spot in the NFC after New Orleans lost at Dallas. Although the Saints own the head-to-head tiebreaker and will earn the top seed if the two teams finish tied, the Rams are now a half game ahead of the Saints heading into Week 13.Here’s how the playoff picture looks after Thursday night:1. Rams (10-1): They have an easy schedule the rest of the way, starting with Sunday at Detroit, so they have a good chance of finishing ahead of the Saints in the standings.2. Saints (10-2): Still the favorites to earn a bye week Blue Torrey Smith Jersey , but now they have an uphill climb to home-field advantage.3. Bears (8-3): The inside track to the No. 3 seed, but can they catch the Saints for a bye?4. Cowboys (7-5): Now owns sole possession of first place in the NFC East.5. Vikings (6-4-1): If they keep winning, they maintain a half-game lead in the wild card race.6. Washington (6-5): Owns the wild card tiebreaker over Seattle based on NFC record, and over Carolina based on head-to-head.7. Seahawks (6-5): Has the tiebreaker over Carolina thanks to Sunday’s head-to-head win.8. Panthers (6-5): Two straight losses in games they easily could have won have severely hurt their playoff chances.9. Eagles (5-6): Pulling out the comeback win against the Giants means they’re not dead yet in the NFC East.10. Packers (4-6-1): When they signed Aaron Rodgers to his huge new contract they thought they’d be playoff contenders for years to come. In Year One of the contract, they’re not.11. Falcons (4-7): Their Thanksgiving loss was the final nail in the coffin.12. Buccaneers (4-7): Jameis Winston‘s best game of the season was too little, too late.13. Lions (4-7): Their Thanksgiving loss was the final nail in the coffin.14. Giants (3-8): Stuck in last place in the NFC East.15. Cardinals (2-9): Swept the 49ers for their only two wins of the season.16. 49ers (2-9): The worst team in the NFC.

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