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26.08.2019 09:44
Dawenhao Shakespeare Antworten

Dawenhao Shakespeare said: "Books are the world's nutrition. There is no book in life. It seems that there is no sunshine. There is no book in wisdom, just like a bird has lost its wings." Human progress cannot be separated from books, in books. Under the guidance, human civilization and wisdom can be spread and carried forward. The book is a human friend and a human mentor. People will read many books in their lifetimes. However, I believe that there are three books in life that must be read and read carefully They are books with words, books without words Cigarettes Online, and books with words for the soul. It refers to books. The ancients once said Online Cigarettes, "There is a gold house in the book, and there is a self-owned Yan Ruyu in the book." "All things are under the product, only reading is high." It can be seen that reading in their world is a supreme thing. In ancient times, many scholars studied diligently, and since then they have become famous and entered the career path. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you must read more and read a good book. A good book can always multiply the power like a magical charger. It is a bright light-free book that illuminates the road to success. It is a life book that you have to learn and taste for a lifetime. This book teaches us how to behave and let us taste the ups and downs of life or life. To read a book without words, we must use action to interpret the meaning and beauty of life. If you ignore the book without words and neglect the practice, you will lose all your efforts and accomplish nothing. For example, during the Warring States period, Zhao Guo��s general, Zhao Kuo, talked on paper and eventually led to the annihilation of the whole army. This story is a household name, and we should also learn from it. It is especially important to learn a lesson, and that is the book of the soul. The society is too complicated, and the world of human desires is stirring. How many people still remember their original dreams? From ancient times to the present, the number of people who have not forgotten their initial heart is endless. They have made a name for themselves and have a world-famous reputation. Nanhuai, a master of Chinese studies, once said: "A white cloud is a cross-mountain, and many birds are vain." If you don't lose yourself in the path of life, we must not forget the original heart, not be affected by the mundane disturbances, not to be degraded. Blindfolded eyes. Read the book of the soul, do not forget the original heart, and the three books to be read in the life of the founder: the book with words, the book without words, and the book of the soul, all three are indispensable. There is a river between reality and success, and these three books are the bridges above the river: only by trying to read these three books can we succeed.

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