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26.08.2019 09:44
Yuncun is a warm pl Antworten

Yuncun is a warm place where people from unspeakable people from all over the world gather here, or leave their own stories under the comments, or silently be a listener. Every time I look at the comments here, I always feel like watching a video of a street interview. Everyone is in a hurry, just leaving their own three or two sentences in front of the camera, but always makes me see their youth, regret , joy, grow up. People who are constantly on the move always want to find a corner that is isolated from the world, quietly confiding their voices, quietly remembering the memories, and opening our eyes, we are also the passers-by. The excerpts from this book are some of the classic reviews under the songs. Most of them are about feelings Newport 100S. Although they look a bit like reading and understanding, they have a great influence on the shaping of my feelings. Things, holding your mouth, will also run out of your eyes. "You can't find the ideal half, it's normal, you haven't become the ideal one, aren't you?" "Cry, this world can be put down except for chopsticks. "You are too young to meet the right person. "At the time of the graduation season, because of problems with the school leaving procedure, I stayed in the dormitory to play the game, and the roommates left one by one. I didn't feel like it at the beginning. The game went from morning to afternoon, and when I ordered the takeaway, I used to ask roommates. What to eat Cigarettes For Sale, the result of the empty dormitory is only oneself. The sunset shines from the outside like a nap suddenly wakes up, loneliness beats in the dusk, the heart is like a fist. Lonely, as people say, The last person to go is the lightest. When I was overwhelmed by pressure, Netease Cloud Music and the people in Yuncun spent a period of hard time with me. It inspired me and guarded me. I comforted me silently when I left home. We are in a period of ignorance of love, it guides me, makes me have a certain judgment on feelings, and will not be easily psychedelic. Thanks to the feeling of lethal attraction. Thanks to the company of Yuncun and Yuncun, in reality I will try to be a silent listener, companion, become a person who can inspire others, give Bring people joy and strength Marlboro Red.
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